CEDO in Puerto Penasco

CEDO in Puerto Penasco - Sonoran Spa Reservations

Located in the popular Las Conchas area, next to its newly restored whale skeleton landmark, the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans (CEDO) provides educational and conservation programs about the Northern Gulf of California and its coastline. CEDO, which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, offers a variety of eco-adventures including kayak tours through the Morua Estuary, ecotours to local oyster cooperatives, boat tours to Isla San Jorge (Bird Island), and exploration through the diverse underwater world of tidepools.

CEDO offers plenty of activities, and welcomes people of all ages to take part in hands-on learning. You and your family can learn more about the entire ecosystem from CEDO’s very knowledgeable staff through slide presentations, tours, talks, and walks through the desert sand.