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Ensuring your safety is our top priority in Puerto Peñasco, and being prepared with essential emergency numbers is a key aspect of a worry-free vacation. Whether you’re exploring the pristine beaches, enjoying thrilling water activities, or savoring the local cuisine, having access to these contact details can provide peace of mind.


Amidst the breathtaking beauty of Puerto Peñasco, Sonoran Spa stands as a beacon of luxury and tranquility. When you choose to stay with us, you’re not just securing a place to rest; you’re immersing yourself in an oasis of comfort. Our spacious accommodations, adorned with stunning ocean views, offer a serene escape after a day of adventure.


Sonoran Spa goes beyond providing a place to stay; it enhances your overall vacation experience. Indulge in our world-class amenities, including rejuvenating spa services, refreshing pools, and fine dining options. Whether you seek relaxation or excitement, our resort complements the diverse offerings of Puerto Peñasco, ensuring that every moment of your getaway is memorable.


Come and discover why Puerto Peñasco is an ideal destination for a vacation that balances adventure and relaxation. With emergency numbers at your fingertips and the luxurious embrace of Sonoran Spa, your stay in Rocky Point becomes an immersive experience, leaving you with cherished memories and a desire to return.


Rocky Point Other Services - Emergency Numbers, Sonoran Spa Puerto Peñasco, Mexico Arizona USA

From U.S. dial +1-52-638 and then the Mexico numbers.

Red Cross dial: (638) 383-2266
Police: 066
Port Captain: (638) 383-3035
Emergencies: 462 or 627/767
Public Security Department: (638) 383-2626 / (638) 383-1616
Fire Department: (638) 383-2828
Civil Protection: (638) 383-6868

Mexican Consulates

Rocky Point Other Services - Mexican Consulates, Sonoran Spa Puerto Peñasco, Mexico Arizona USA

Tucson: +1 (520) 882-5595
Phoenix: +1 (602) 242-7398
Nogales: +1 (520) 287-2521
Douglas: +1 (520) 364-3107
Nogales, Mexico: (631) 107-4167

If you receive abuse from the Sonoyta authorities you can fill out a complaint document and present it at the mayor’s office, 24-hour availability all year round.

You can call 01 (651) 512-1172 / 01 (651) 100-9530 or email:

Hospitals and Clinics

Rocky Point Other Services - Hospitals and Clinics, Sonoran Spa Puerto Peñasco, Mexico Arizona USA

Hospital General: (638) 102-0417 / (638) 102-0423
IMSS: (638) 383-2870 / (638) 383-2677 / (638) 383-2505
ISSSTE: (638) 383-3449
ISSSTESON: (638) 383-5169
Rocky Medical Center: (638) 102-0739
Clinica-Hospital Santa Fe: (638) 383-2447 / (638) 383-4040
Clinica Santa Isabel (Maternity): (638) 383-3645
Clinica Santa Maria S.C.: (638) 383-2440
Clinica San José: (638) 383-5121
Clinica San Eduardo: (638) 383-8614
Servicio Médico Dr. García: (638) 383-4608

Lukeville and Sonoyta

Rocky Point Other Services - Lukeville and Sonoyta, Sonoran Spa Puerto Peñasco, Mexico Arizona USA

Open from 6 am to 12 am. Firearms, illegal drugs, and ammunition are not allowed. You are allowed to bring in $300 USD worth of new merchandise per person; if you exceed this limit, you must pay taxes before entering Mexico at the border offices. If you have U.S. medical insurance, ensure your coverage, as most hospitals in Puerto Peñasco do not accept them as payment. You can check border wait times online at

Transport Services

Rocky Point Other Services - Transport Services, Sonoran Spa Puerto Peñasco, Mexico Arizona USA

Mar de Cortés International Airport: (638) 383-6097
Bus Stations ABC: (638) 383-1999
Albatros Station: (638) 388-0888


Private Driver

Manuel Morales
Private driver service for trips, for groups; experience with trailers.
State and federal driver’s license.
Has a U.S. VISA. Cell: (638) 107-8757

Veterinary Care

Rocky Point Other Services - Veterinary Care, Sonoran Spa Puerto Peñasco, Mexico Arizona USA

Servicios Médicos Veterinarios.
Blvd. Sonora #301 & Galeana. Col. Oriente
MX: (638) 383-3344 & (637) 372-4717

Rocky Pet
Calle Ciprés #1-B & Derecho de Vía
Cell: (638) 102-0585

Gallo de Oro
Cell: (638) 112-3343 & 44

Veterinaria Dr. Chochoy
MX: (638) 383-2338

Posta Veterinaria
MX: (638) 383-2574


Rocky Point Other Services - Churches, Sonoran Spa Puerto Peñasco, Mexico Arizona USA

Iglesia Adventista del Séptimo Día: (638) 383-6760
Adonai Comunidad Cristiana: (638) 383-3865
Assembly of God: (638) 380-9844
Iglesia apostólica: (638) 112-7035
Grupo Unidad Cristianos de Peñasco: (638) 383-2240
Peñasco Christian Fellowship: (638) 383-4513
Family of God Christian Fellowship: (638) 383-3480
Jehovah´s Witnesses Kingdom Hall: (638) 388-6244
Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe: (638) 383-2959
Templo La Hermosa: (638) 383-7130
St. Joseph’s Catholic Church Bilingual Mass 8:30 AM Sundays (928) 106-6928 Bobkeller, Sexton

General Services

Rocky Point Other Services - General Services, Sonoran Spa Puerto Peñasco, Mexico Arizona USA

City Hall: (638) 383-2060
CFE: 071
OOMISLIM / Garbage: (638) 383-4909
OMAPAS / Water Company: (638) 383-6080
Immigration: (638) 383-2526

GAS (Propane)

Rocky Point Other Services - Gas Propane, Sonoran Spa Puerto Peñasco, Mexico Arizona USA

Z Gaz: (638) 383-8100
Hidrogas: (638) 383-5650