Sonoran Spa August 2018 Bulletin


Sonoran Spa Bulletin

Date: August 2nd, 2018

Bulletin 29

A word from our Owner.

Dear Owners. We have been cruising through the summer with the best rentals ever. We are very excited to say that we set another new record in June with payouts to owners of over $300k. We are waiting for the numbers but expect July to have been even better. Nothing makes us happier than to set new records especially when the results hit our Owners bottom line.

In July I like to take the time to visit my extended family in Quebec Canada. The weather is like winter in Phoenix. It allows me the time to work on concepts and projects we will be using in our promotions for 2019. We have many great things planned both in package deals and events. We hope to improve our concierge services that will make people more at home and likely to make the Spa their chosen place to stay. I learned what it took to get customers to come back 14 years ago when I bought my condo in Las Gaviotas. The better shape your property is in the more likely they will return.

Our 10th Year. Each year as a business we look to improve on the past year. This is our 10th year doing business in Rocky Point and it has once more been our best year ever. When other businesses were failing we were growing thanks to our owners and hard work. It makes it easier when we have such a great resort like the Sonoran Spa to represent and owners doing so much to improve their properties to keep guests coming back.

Owners Conference Call. We will be rescheduling our owner’s conference call to the first Saturday of September when we have more to discuss with you. For now, we will work to extend our season as far as we can into August to keep the revenues flowing with all of our attention to this. Last year our offseason was not as good as we wanted it to be even though we are setting records in annual revenues. We know this is a key to another successful year. We will have some areas of price increases especially around holiday periods again but will likely hold and other periods for increases.
As always you know how to reach us and we are always ready to help.

Best Wishes,

Kurt Geisler – OWNER
Castaways Rocky Point