Sonoran Spa Bulletin #1


Oct 2015 bulletin 1

Sonoran Spa Bulletin – October 2015


Oct 2015 bulletin 2

Dear Owners,

It is always important for us to keep you informed about what is going on at the sonoran spa. our goal is to perform our duties with complete honesty and transparency.

An error was recently brought to our attention where a commission was misapplied in certain bookings made by travel agents and the system automatically charged to owners an additional 5%. this meant the owners were given a 60% commission instead of 65%. we have already completed an audit of all owner accounts  and we will proceed to refund the difference on your next statement.

Another issue which is an accounting change was discussed between our company cpa and your personal accounting firms of ‘Benito Osuna’ and ‘Sun Valley’ which will change how the 16% of iva collected and distributed. Going forward the owner share of this tax will be directly allocated to the owners accounts and we will also credit the September amount on your next statement. this will be the way it is done going forward.

The reimbursements related to both tax and commissions will be reflected on October’s statements and will be deposited directly into your dollars local bank account.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and we appreciate your kind understanding.



Oct 2015 bulletin 3