Sonoran Spa Newsletter #4


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Sonoran Spa Newsletter – March 2016


Dear Owners,

We hope this email finds you well. Owner’s meeting has just happened and we expect to have answered all your questions and cleared all your doubts. This year is going to be bigger and better for Sonoran Spa! We are excited for the beginning of the big seasons. We want to make Sonoran Spa Resort feels like a home for every owner and every quest. With your help Sonoran Spa will be the best Resort of Rocky Point! Thank you for supporting us and believe on us.



Castaways Management.

Important Announcement! Notify your condo status to us


Castaways is always trying to offer the best vacation experience, but also, the best owners services. In order to have all your paperwork at line and offer you better service, we need you to notify us the status of your condo. If you are selling your condo or goes under contract please let us know!
Call us at 844 772-4786 or email us at
Or visit us at the rental office, infront of North building at Sonoran Spa.




Remodeling Pool


The main pool floor has been replaced. The renters are always concern about the pool area when they come on spring or summer. A nice pool area is always a nice feature to have. Relaxing and comfort is one of the many things that Sonoran Spa has to offer, and the remodeling of the pool is a nice upgrade on our facilities.

Having a relaxing time at the beach on a beautiful pool is what many people seek.
Enjoy a fresh day at the renewed pool area!

pool 2pool 1



pool 3pool 4











Home Insurance


We are pleased to announce that our sister company Amigo Trust Services, has now Home Insurance services for your properties on Mexico. With just a few steps you will have your Mexican insurance policy in less than 5 minutes. Homes and condos, for owning and renting.
Start your quote now! Click on the image below.




BookingPal and Expedia Integration


BookingPal and Expedia are international travel companies, providing a global distribution system and a centralized booking platform for vacation rental properties. With BookingPal and Expedia we are looking to get bookings for anywhere in the world easier and faster. A lot of international vacation and travel companies are associated with those channels, this means that we are part of a network where thousands of people look for a nice getaway at the beach! These two global distribution platforms are partners of Airbnb, Roomorama, and which are have a big audience on the reservations territory. Our goal is to get more bookings than last year and we area getting close!


my booking pal

BookingPal Expedia

Spring Break Incoming!


spring break


Gone are the days when Spring Break trips were just for college students!  With popular tourist destinations like Rocky Point so close to the US, more and more families are opting to take advantage of their kids’ time off of school to get in some quality family time.  Not only is Rocky Point a close distance from the US, but its also safe and family friendly.  Weather its pool time or water sports, Rhino rentals or a trip to El Pinacate, there are many family friendly activities in Rocky Point.

When you are ready to party you can hit one of the clubs along Sandy Beach, which have DJs and live bands daily during spring break. If you head over to the “Old Port”, “The Mirador” or “La Calle 13” you will find several bars adjacent to one another also offering daily drink specials, music and spring break contests.  Most bars and clubs stay open until 2 am.  These areas also have several restaurant options, and for a quick bite, taco stands and hot dog stands can be found on most any corner and are popular and affordable. Many areas are also lined with local vendors offering everything from souvenirs, T-shirts and beach dresses to sunglasses and purses.

You can post all your Spring Brake photos on Rocky Point Spring Brake Facebook page and Twitter!

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