Sonoran Spa Newsletter #5


Feb 2016 bulletin

Sonoran Spa Newsletter – July 2016


Dear Sonoran Spa Owners.

Seasonal rentals have been great and we will be doing everything possible to carry this through the off season. We have been building momentum all season long and we want our guests to return again and again. To do this we cannot only meet their expectations but we must exceed them. Warren Buffet says that the way to a successful business is not just to satisfy a customer but to, “delight your customer”.
Getting and keeping properties in top shape is one way to do this.  When they have a nice clean room, good internet and phone access, no mechanical issues they will return. We have plans to provide to the HOA some additional computer equipment free of charge for the business center so this resort amenity is equal to other resorts.

Our new website is now active ( and it includes a built in ratings system. We cannot express more how important it is to keep your property in top condition as ratings will make or break your occupancy expectations. It is a 5 star rating system and allows for customer comments. Together we hope to always keep the numbers high and comments positive.


sonoran spa reservations


We have a new photographer going back through every property now to get higher resolution pictures because our new website can handle them. This should be completed in the next couple of weeks, so if you check your property and they don’t look up to par let us know. Please send your comments to Oscar Ortiz our marketing manager  – You can also provide us with your suggestions for other  marketing ideas and insights.


For consistency between properties we would like to appoint some additional requirements that will enable this likelihood.


Numwifiber one and of utmost importance. Internet connectivity is a must.

We found many units did not have a wireless router. How could people remain connected in this connected world? We searched out a suitable product that we are providing to you at our cost of $39 plus tax. We are even
installing for free! We have  a list of properties without them and are installing now. We are also testing the existing ones to make sure they are well suited for the resort internet system. Problem solved.

person using a landline phone in an office


Number two. Every property must have a resort phone.

This one option brings a high level of communications to our guests. They can call home for free, call friends and family in other rooms, call to our onsite providers for services info and appointments, call to the front desk for customer service and access to our evolving concierge services.

It will also allow us to make courtesy calls to the room just after check-in to make certain everything is as expected. This higher level of service could mean the difference. We again purchased in bulk pulled from an operating system. Your cost will be only $29 + tax. That is a whole lot less than $149.00 they used to be. You will also need programming from the HOA. They charge $85 for the license fee. We can order for you and apply to your statement allowing you to keep your expenses records all in one place.


tvNumber three. Please, no more tube TVs.

This is the best way to attract attention to the dated appearance of your property. You may need paint, furniture repairs or replacement, but nothing visualizes dating more than tube TVs. We are providing you the link below to Walmart (sorry not wanting to promote a specific company) that has the lowest prices on TVs I have seen and delivered to your door for free!

We recommend at least 40″ living room and 32″ bedrooms. Bring them to our owner services rental office and we will install for free. Also a DVD player is mandatory for the living room and since they only cost around $39 why not for bedrooms as well. Did you know we offer free DVD rentals and we have a book exchange too!

Right now in season we want to maximize your occupancy rates but when the season slows we will have special reduced cost maintenance deals coming for you to; get your property painted, complete maintenance plans to lower your over all costs, upgrade kitchens at bulk pricing and anything else we can do to use the purchasing power of multiple units in the same location.

As always please contact Cristian, your owner services manager or myself with any questions or concerns. Continue to bring us your suggestions to help make the Sonoran Spa the best it can be.


AAAAAA Inspection.

We recently went thorugh an extensive AAA inspection and we had a very good outcome but with much room for improvements. This report has already been provided to your HOA and we are of course already working with you on improvements to your property. Lets see how far we can get before the next inspection.

Congratulations go to La Spa for their 5 star rating from AAA. As many of you know the Spa has remodeled recently and it looks fabulous and AAA agrees. Stop by and say hi to Gerri and Tony and spoil yourself.

From your Owner Services Team (OST)


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