Day to plan your vacations

The ideal moment to plan your next getaway to Rocky Point!


Day to Plan your Vacations - Sonoran Spa Resort Rocky Point Puerto Peñasco, Mexico

What is your ideal place to spend a fantastic and well-deserved vacation? January 11th is the perfect date to devise the best relaxation plan as we celebrate the Day to Plan Your Vacation! So, plan your vacation, start packing your suitcase, and make your dream trip a reality!


Today, we celebrate the Day to Plan Your Vacation, and what better occasion to begin organizing that well-deserved break in Puerto Peñasco. Located on the picturesque coast of the Sea of Cortez, this gem of a tourist destination in Mexico offers an unforgettable experience that combines the tranquility of the sea with breathtaking landscapes and a rich local culture.


To make the most of your stay in Puerto Peñasco, meticulous planning is essential. First, determine the dates of your trip and ensure they align with your days off and ideal weather conditions. Explore accommodation options, from cozy hotels to luxurious beachfront resorts, and choose one that suits your needs and preferences.


Discover the numerous activities that Puerto Peñasco has to offer, from relaxing days on the beach to thrilling water sports such as kayaking, diving, or snorkeling. Don’t forget to indulge in the delicious local cuisine, known for its fresh seafood and authentic Mexican dishes.


Make sure to visit iconic tourist spots like the Malecón and the famous Playa Bonita. Plan excursions to nearby places such as the Biosphere Reserve of the Upper Gulf of California and the Colorado River Delta, where you can appreciate the natural diversity of the region.


Don’t forget to check for local events and festivals that may be taking place during your stay, adding unique experiences to your vacation memories. Prepare your itinerary, pack with enthusiasm, and enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Puerto Peñasco!

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Plan your vacations - Puerto Peñasco Rocky Point Mexico two
Plan your vacations - Puerto Peñasco Rocky Point Mexico three

Recommendations for Planning the Best Vacation


What should you do to plan your vacation? Here are some tips and recommendations:


  • Choose the tourist destination you want to visit and decide on the weather you want to experience—cold or warm.

  • Check your work and personal schedule to select a date that suits you for rest and relaxation.

  • Download a travel or tourist destination mobile app so that you have all the information you need during your stay at the selected location.

  • Book air tickets, tourist packages, and accommodation well in advance.

  • Obtain travel insurance.

  • Disconnect from your daily routine and enjoy!

  • And don’t forget that planning the trip is almost as enjoyable as the trip itself.


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In conclusion, International Holiday Planning Day invites us to reflect on the importance of making space in our lives for relaxation and adventure. By planning ahead and choosing exceptional destinations such as those provided by Castaways, we are investing in our long-term happiness and well-being, which is why we have a surprise for you, which you can find on our social networks tomorrow. Let’s celebrate together the joy of planning a vacation that enriches us physically, mentally and emotionally!