October 2015 Newsletter

Sonoran Spa Newsletter #1 – October 2015

Dear Owners,

We hope this email finds you well. Finally the so eagerly awaited day has come and Castaways is now your full service property management and rentals company. Good things are to come. First of all we want to thank you for your support and confidence in us. We will never take you for granted and will always work to our best to support you and your important investment.

Over these last four months we have begun efforts to bring this resort forward and we believe that the fruits of labor are getting results that are reflected in your positive feedbacks. Some of you may have already noticed the difference in some aspects such as the quality linen and towels, toilet paper, among others. Another aspect that we are implementing are continuous inspections to reduce the complaints from our guests and to keep your units in the best conditions possible.

We want you to know that now we will have this newsletter so you can be always updated with the changes and improvements of our beautiful resort Sonoran Spa. We look for every possibility to communicate with you and like to share with all of you our latest changes and upcoming events.

Sonoran Spa Under New Management!
We are very pleased to announce that Castaways Rocky Point is now managing the Sonoran Spa Resort and we will be working hard to make it better than ever!We are already affiliated with the best travel agencies providing high end clientele willing to pay for the improved services we will provide.

Please check more information on articles below!

Remodeling Rental Office and Housekeeping and Maintenance areas.

Our rental office and ancillary services offices are being completely remodeled to enable us to improve efficiency in work production. In the main rental office is where our resort Manager, Elvis Garcia will be available for all owner questions and concerns. Housekeeping and Maintenance office will be setup with all equipment needed to carry out the majority of repairs needed onsite. Please visit Elvis and he will be happy to walk you through these areas.

See more information on Under Construction Article below.

New Reception Area for Sonoran Spa Guests!
Our Reception operators are ready to help you out. If you have any question or any issue, they are happy to attend your concern or request. Very professional staff and always available. Along with our own phone systems we will be connected to the HOA phone system and have Motorola radios so our communications will be tops.Our staff are all bilingual and have been receiving training to be able to assist you with anything you may need:– Directions to a particular place.
– Buy goodies/supplies
– Concierge services
Organize an event
– Call someone in Mexico/USA
– Etc.
At Castaways we mean it when we say, “Service is our Business”, Quality control and professionally trained staff will assure you of this. You will always find someone there waiting to assist you.

Meet our Staff
From left to right:
Yusbi Burgos – Administrator
Elvis Garcia – Resort Manager
Norberto Orendain – Asst. Resort Manager
Oscar Ortiz – IT Manager
Arturo Montoya – FrontDesk Operator
Juan Carlos Gutierrez – FrontDesk OperatorAlejandra Fierros – Head of Housekeeping
– Gloria Celaya
– Gloria Lopez Sanchez

– Macarmen Garcia
– Miriam Lopez Hurtado
– Ana Lilia Castro
Fernando Ramos
Marco Ariel Acuña

With more to come as the responsibilities grow, so will our team. We are so proud of all our Housekeepers who have been taking night classes in English to better serve you. The company pays for all employee training and education related to their work.

Under Construction

Well our predecessors decided to take walls and all and have left us with this shell to build our own office design which was very helpful. Our plan is to double the size of the manager office to allow for a conference room for our owners and management meetings. When completed we will notify you so you can come and visit us. Project should be completed at the time of delivery of this newsletter. Also underway is the Laundry and Maintenance areas. After completing the walls we will add shelving enough to accommodate all our towels and linen. We have set aside room for future laundry equipment. Currently we sub this out to a local commercial laundry. Our maintenance room will be constructed with an office area for our Maintenance Supervisor and storage of critical parts for servicing your properties. We hope to add additional space for storage of backup appliances so we can quickly make repairs with the least amount of time spent interrupting guests vacations.


Property Inspections
We made a plan for keeping all your belongings and valuables safe, and of course, the property itself.

Our Head of Housekeeping, Alejandra Fierros, with the help of our housekeeping team, will watch every little detail before the guest enters and right after he leaves.

Property inspections will be a process to keep it up. It will be established as a high priority for this project. We are inspecting every condo in Sonoran Spa and will keep doing it, counting and taking pictures of every item in the condo so you don’t have to worry if you forget something or miss something. We will have it on the inventory!

Our team is growing up, it means that we can do this process more effective and faster. We take your property very serious, and we are sure that you will not have any issue with missing items.

Owner Feedback!
We know that getting things back on track and make them work as perfect as possible requires hard work, and that is how we do. We have been receiving positive feedback from owners and we are glad to hear that. Is for sure that we are not going to stop raising our quality service.
One of our Owner wrote us: “Your new management crew is doing a great job!, Our place is spotless and the folded towels in the kitchen and baths are super cute”
-Troy B
We would like to thank you for your feedback and we hope to keep receiving them. Castaways is always open to your suggestions and comments good or bad.

Owner Application
Castaways Vacation Rental owning made easy. Manage, maintain and track all your rentals on your mobile device via your owner portal using this application. Creat a new reservation, Block the unit for your usage, schedule maintenance/repairs, order housekeeping or send a message directly to the correct department.

Easy emergency calling and assistance.

Download the iOS app clicking the image below or Here!

Thank you! Thank you for supporting us, we are happy to start this new project with you, we will change the whole vacation experience at the Sonoran Spa Resort. Discover yourself how we are better than any other rental company on Rocky Point. Our main priority is to get all things up first class and this is just the beginning of a new era for the Sonoran Spa.

Please don’t forget to join us on Facebook. This has become a major marketing tool for us and we will highlight different properties throughout the resort to inspire vacationers to come back to the Sonoran Spa.

We are Castaways, “Where Service is our Business”.

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