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Feb 2016 bulletin


Sonoran Spa Newsletter – January 2016


Dear Owners,

We hope this email finds you well. As you know, Sonoran Spa transition has been an ongoing process. We feel like it is a new home that needs updating and cared for to always be at its finest. Castaways is always improving the quality of service and will never stop. We want this year be the best year for Sonoran Spa and the seasons is just getting started.


New Sonoran Spa Reservations Staff Organization


yusbi Yusbi Burgos

Administrator of Castaways with more than 11 years working on financial and rentals services, Yusbi Burgos is one of the most important elements of Castaways and now, she will be supervising all movements in Sonoran Spa Resort and will work hard to make sure her staff are providing you and our guests the best services possible!




Cristian Romerocristian

With more than 10 years of experience in reservations and customer services, Cristian Romero is now the head of Owner Services of Sonoran Spa Resort. You can find him in the Sonoran Spa Rental Office nest to HOA Office. He will be happy to help you with any owner services concern and information that you might need.




Alejandra Fierros

The new head of housekeeping is Alejandra Fierros. She is working along with Cristian to have everything in your property clean and in order! Alejandra has been taking inventories and assessing the care needed in your property. You will find her in the Rental Office for any concern or question that you have.



German Tinocogerman

Working for Castaways Rocky Point as the Maintenance Supervisor for the past 4 years, German is now the head of the Maintenance team at the Sonoran Spa. With over 4 years working in Castaways Maintenance department learning the management principles of success, he has earned his experience through his dedication to our clients. He is capable and prepared to fix any issue that your property might present.


New Resort Amenity: Drugstore!


We are happy to announce that Sonoran Spa Resort now has an onsite Pharmacy located next to the grocery Store! Because on every journey you never prepare enough for an emergency and having a drugstore close by is always helpful. Visit our friends who are always happy to help you!


Drugstore Ratings!


We are proud to present to you the product of our hard work. Castaways is always putting diligent to our customer service and everything we do we do with passion, professionalism and we always give the best of us and this is the result. Sonoran Spa is now the highest rated resort on Sandy Beach by, the number one Rocky Point Traveling agency. Our promise to you was that we were going to provide superior services to our guests so they would return again and again. We are well underway establishing ourselves and Sonoran Spa resort as a great place to stay.

Booking 1Booking 2










Castaways Laundry Facility Under Construction!


As one of our promises and our commitment to you our owners, we are in the process of building out our new State-of-the-Art Laundry Facility. We have already purchased top rated commercial laundry equipment that will be installed in February and be up and operating by the end of the month. We hope you will stop by and tour our facilities at the next HOA Owners Meeting.



Remodeling La Spa!


La Spa has always offered top quality Spa services! Comforting massages and Spa treatments. Now they are remodeling to improve there appearance and customer service. It is even more comfortable and better looking. La Spa will make you feel relax by just entering by the door. Please visit our friends and yours at the La Spa in Sonoran Spa Resort lobby.


La Spa

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