Easter Egg Hunt Sunday by Castaways at Sonoran Spa

Easter Egg Hunt - Sonoran Spa Reservations

Event Program:

Sonoran Spa Easter Hunt event will occur at Sonoran Spa Resort the day Sunday April 1st. The event will begin at 9am-10 am and will have a duration of 2 hours. This event will participate children staying in the resort that weekend and will only participate children under 12 years old.


– Egg hunt will be placed at Sonoran Spa Resort designated areas:

  • Pool Area
  • Exercise Facility
  • Restaurant (If opened)
  • Tennis court
  • Beach area
  • Hallways and Stairs in East, North and West building.
  • Lobby

– Only kids below 12 years old will participate.

– If a kid does not get an egg, he will receive one from the Easter bunny.

– Egg hunt begins at 10 am

– Egg hunt ends until the final prizes are revealed.


There will be 400 chocolate eggs hidden on different places in the Resort. There will be 5 golden eggs with prizes.

#5 and #4 will get a giant chocolate bunny.

#3 and #2  will get an Easter basket.

#1 will get a big Easter basket.

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