Easter Egg Hunt Event in Sonoran Spa, Rocky Point. 

Easter Egg Hunt Event Sonoran Spa Reservations

Looking for a great place to hunt for eggs in Puerto Penasco? What a great way to celebrate Easter and the arrival of spring.

Find the Golden egg for a special prize and one Golden egg will contain a special note and will win the grand prize. You can not miss it! The event will be on Sunday, April 16 at 9AM in the Resort Lobby.

There will be around 300 eggs hidden in the entire Resort.


– Egg hunt will be placed at Sonoran Spa Resort designated areas:

  • Exercise Facility Ages: 6-9
  • Pool Area Ages: 9-12
  • Lobby Ages: 3-6 (so we can watch them)

– All kids must wait in the front entrance area outside of the Lobby. No preview of areas will be allowed.

– Only kids below 12 years old will participate.

–  Eggs will be limited to just 2 per person.

– If a kid does not get an egg, he will received one from the Easter Bunny.

– Egg hunt begins at 9 am and ends at 10 am.

– Guest will provide ages of their children to participate and will sign a participation / release form.

– Children with Golden eggs must not open them until the end of the event when they will all open at the same time to see who the grand prize winner is.

– These rules will be read out loud in English and Spanish and explained to all participants.

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