Sonoran Spa Bulletin #5


Feb 2016 bulletin

Feb 2016 bulletin 2

Sonoran Spa Bulletin – April 2016


Dear Sonoran Spa Owners.

We now unfortunately come to my least favorite part of Property Management. Confronting owners in violation of our agreement. Some of you may have already received inquiries. We will always try to be as respectful as possible. Sonoran Spa owners have a great deal paying only a 15% commission on your Paying Guests reservations. For some that is still not enough and believe we deserve nothing for our services and yet they join in our rental pool. We are now identifying red flags in reservations through suspicious activities. We apologize in advance to the owners not in violation and still receive a request for more information. We wish we had a crystal ball telling us who is and who isn’t doing reservations under the table. Depending on how obvious the violation is you may receive a simple request to explain a reservation further, or you may receive our assistance on properly making a reservation. Please understand and answer as soon as possible so we can lay the issue to rest.

We identify Red Flags in reservations as follows:

  • Owner name on every reservation, every weekend. Remember if a person shows up other than you that is not named in the reservation we cannot check them in or provide services.
  • Non-paying guests of owners on every reservation weekend after weekend. Need I say more?
  • Owner name on back to back reservations. Why would an owner need to checkout and back in?
  • Non-paying guests of owner reservations when owner has ads in marketing media listed below.
  • Guests coming from locations outside of owner’s home base or from all over the globe.

Red Flags:

  • Craigslist ads in Phoenix, Tucson, and other cities. We also look for where the owner lives and check Craigslist ads in their city.
  • VRBO ads. We identify condos through photos and by sending inquiries and matching emails, making calls and inquiries. Did you know we can sync our system with your VRBO Ad? Let us know if you would like assistance with this.
  • AirBNB, Rentalo, Homeaway,, others – same as above.

We may ask guests questions on how they found your property and made or paid for the reservation.
Unfortunately, we must act like detectives and this is not pleasant for us to do and commit resources to instead of focusing on more positive and productive things that benefit us both.

The positive part of your inputting paying guest are as follows:

  • We earn our share of income that allows us to reinvest in the resort and provide our services.
  • We stop the under market pricing of rental properties.
  • Taxes are paid especially the 2% lodging tax that support the marketing of our community.
  • The HOA receives impact fees allowing for improvements or additions to amenities.
  • Rental rates are established and we begin an upward trend in pricing. Lower prices are mainly brought upon by owners underpricing their own property and nonpayment of fees and taxes.

Please accept my humble apologies in advance to those of you that are in full support of our efforts. We appreciate you and will always work hard for your success. As always call me with questions or concerns.


Kurt Geisler
(602) 380-7203